Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Former Boston Mayor Menino's True Evil Nature Comes Out in Blighted Properties Video with Reporer Erin Smith.

Here is the story. This is your legacy Mr. Mayor. We know you and your cronies hate the exposure but you've earned it so we're going to give it to you good:
Mayor Thomas M. Menino has let downtown commercial landowners dodge millions in taxes by declaring their prime properties “blighted” under an arcane decades-old law — plum tax breaks three developers are scrambling to cement before the new mayor takes over, a Herald review found. These deals are drawing renewed fire from the city’s chief watchdog agency, which is asking why they still exist amid an almost unprecedented building boom that has developers falling over one another for the chance to cash in. 

“These incentives are unnecessary. I don’t think you can consider downtown Boston blighted,” said Matt Cahill, executive director at Boston Finance Commission. “The original intent was to create low-income housing in areas that developers wouldn’t normally build. The benefit is not being seen by the taxpayers as much as it did in the 1940s when the program started. 

“Unfortunately in modern times, almost the entire downtown area of Boston is considered a blighted area,” Cahill said, “and a vast amount of the developers that are getting these tax breaks don’t need the money to build.”
For more information about the Menino patterns of corruption watch these videos and educate yourself. His departure will continue to open up a can of worms as the Truth comes out. Note also that the Herald channeled our video by using the same exact spooky intro music. We are being heard. And we will continue to be heard, before City Council and all over town.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Will Boston Local 718 Take Down This Facebook Picture and Video Too in its Marty Walsh Post?

See if they take down our comments and video that tell the Truth: Albert Arroyo cannot even get a copy of his goddman pension file because the whole process was so stinking CORRUPT. And Mayor Menino was the puppet master behind all of it. This man didn't want any parts of a pension right now, he wanted to return to his desk job as any legacy fire fighter would be. As to Mayor Menino, good riddance to bad rubbish. Here is their Facebook, you watch and see what they do with it.

See also the picture at the Boston Fire Department Facebook.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sheila Leahy Rears Her Ugly, Racist Head Again.

Mayor Menino and his cronies have brought out Sheila Leahy (again) to try to smear Fire Captain James Berlo. We knew it was coming before someone wrote in to the YouTube videos about her. The problem is she has zero credibility as a cursory view into her employment history alone will prove. Plus she drops the n-bomb like it's going out of style but that's nothing new for much of the BFD. Plus, just LOOK at her..... there with Assistant DA Julie Higgins: Together they make life hard for James Berlo and anyone in his family, including his sister. Especially including his sister. And Tony Gaston.

The full story we started with the videos in this post will be told to the Boston's first new Mayor, to City Council and to the entire City.

And like clockwork the day after Elections and after Mr. Berlo started talking after 5 years a Attorney Marisa A. Campagna files an MCAD brief against him, his sister, her husband and anyone else they could think of intimidating or silencing. The whole thing is just flat disgusting. This is far from over -- the real fun starts now and the whole City of Boston will know about it.