Monday, January 13, 2014

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Knows Menino, Local 718 Firefighter "Union" are Dirty.

Date:          January 13, 2014
To:              Boston Fire Dept, Personnel Deputy John Coppney & Acting Fire Commissioner
From :        Albert Arroyo ( Firefighter/Fire Prevention )
Subject :    My Status after being exonerated in Federal Court?
Dear Sirs:            The Department received my Demand Letter and requests for information several months ago but I have yet to receive a response.

I can only assume this is the usual tactic of the (now prior administration )  is to just ignore it , knowing from the experiences of many others after so many abuses of individuals’ rights (especially minorities)  continue without challenge because of the nakedly  incestuous  relationship City Hall has with the usual agencies that one normally would have to go for redress:

Specifically Civil Service, Labor Relations, MCAD and often even Courts often aid and encourage this sort of lawlessness.

But the facts are:

I was exonerated in a Court of Law  (a Federal Court of Law) because all of the allegations were false , and were not a result of any action on my behalf or any Investigation. One of the exhibits even proved that the City knew I was weight training because it helped my back, and that was all part of a doctor’s recommendation.

It was deliberately  (with the knowledge and consent and instruction from City Hall ) contrived primarily to divert attention from the FBI investigation of City Hall & the Dept.  This occurred because they needed to blame someone after all the notoriety and to bring it to a conclusion. As usual in Boston they picked a non-legacy minority when everyone around knows the real story is how the legacy employees abuse the pension system when they are “King for a Day.”

Another fact is that I was never a subject of the FBI Investigation, and another fact is that were no minorities involved in the Pension/Disability Fraud  (It was all Union “Good Guy’s” Chiefs , and the politically-connected.)

I was sacrificed by the same People who attempted do the same to Firefighter Richard Garcia from Ladder 21, which was during the active investigation and the FBI told the Administration they were not interested and he was not involved in the investigation.

I can imagine the disappointment and dismay (and a little worry) at City Hall when I was declared innocent.

But this did not stop them and after a week of silence City Hall fed a story to the press (especially the Boston Herald who has scrubbed the story from the archives) that I was fighting to be reinstated and had a pending Arbitration hearing.

This was totally false and wasn't possible as a Labor Law issue or a grievance process through the Union , because I never had any union help to proceed to arbitration   (you can see from the Text messages from the Union President the kind of help I got, the same help you get if you are not a “Good Guy” or a minority). Those pictures are up on our blog to show you the kind of nasty responses I got from the “Union.”

But most important there was NO REASON TO DO ANY OF THIS TO ME.  I was to be made whole , and means returned as I was before. My father DIED before I could clear my name.

The real Criminals that perpetrated the “Fraud” on the Feds were Michael Doherty , Michael Hamrock, District Chief Lucas, Ian McKenzie , Edmund Street (who told the truth and was given immunity) , Reynold Shepard and the people at the Retirement Board who made the Documents with my name on them, also Karen Glasgow (the same that lied in federal Court but wasn't charged because they wanted it to end quietly) who was behind the scenes assuring them they could get away with it.