Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boston Firefighters Speak Out About Mayor Menino, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Pension and Healthcare Violations, Racism and Retaliation.

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Some of you may recall Boston Mayor Menino's so-called 2008 crackdown on pension abuse (NECN). What you didn't know is that the Mayor had no intention of correcting the real abuses so instead the Department orchestrated a witch hunt against Albert Arroyo, charging him with Federal fraud crimes. A Federal Jury cleared him of any wrongdoing because it turns out that the City doctor knew he was weight training because it helped his back condition after two on-the-job injuries. But Arroyo was still forced out of his job and to date he cannot get any information on his pension, despite several Certified U.S. Mailings. The Boston Herald reported that a full-fledged arbitration was supposed to be held in fall, 2011 but it never did. 

What's worse is that most of Boston's lawyers know that they will find themselves in hot water if they rock the boat too much so he can't find a way to bring his concerns to light. Mr. Arroyo -- like most of Boston's other forgotten heroes -- has to pin his hopes for justice on a new City Council in the wake of Mayor Menino. Come next month and going forward the new Boston Mayor -- be it Marty Walsh or John Connolly -- will have to convene a full investigation and that Mayor and City Council will have to issue emergency decrees to fix what went wrong under Menino not only for the firefighters who appear in this video series, but to make it right going into the future. Once the taxpayers learn the Truth about Boston Fire Department and Mayor Menino's strong arm politics the school bus strike will seem like small potatoes next to this:

"The first thing the current Union President did was light up a marijuana cigarette as soon as we got around the corner from the firehouse"

-Tony Gaston

"Drugs and alcohol was there since day one... they had alcohol on the job whether it was in the pepsi machines or if someone would bring it in.....when we got on assignments I noticed that I wasn't well-welcomed into the firehouse."

-Albert Arroyo

The Union did nothing except send nasty text messages.

The stories of Tony Gaston, Richard McLoughlin and James Berlo are no better. Tony Gaston was fired just shy of 28 years because they 
allegedly found marijuana in his car. This does not happen to legacy firefighters. He is almost homeless now as the City moves to collect on back taxes. Richard McLoughlin was pushed out after he broke his leg and forced to take substantially less on his pension than he was entitled. No one at Local 718 cares. Call 617-435-8177 for more info.

"The medical office harassed firefighters on a constant basis. They made false reports on my medical record and it is documented.... I lost 28% and I don't think any other firefighter should have to go through what I went through..... If you're being forced to retire you should receive 100% disability and 100% pay," says McLoughlin.

James Berlo was railroaded out of his position after he challenged a white superior who was harassing and reprimanding a black firefighter who allegedly shot him a look after a tough basketball game.

"I confronted him about it, and he said 'why are you protecting this no good nigger piece of shit,'" claims Berlo. "In the end what is was about was I wouldn't let this Lieutenant punish this black firefighter.... and that started 15 years of constant escalating retaliation. For the firefighter, what he had to endure was unbelievable. I'm here today because he is not the only story, the culture of this department is so pervasive and it has actually cost people's lives -- civilians and firefighters."

The real stories of the Boston Fire Department have yet to be told. In the next installment these and other firefighters will name names and cite to more specific instances of misconduct and demand action from Boston City Council.


  1. see todays Boston Globe editorial ? sounds like they might be losing their "Blighted property " status , and another display of the Globes Agenda , prejudice and ignorance.
    maybe if someone in their Family needs Surgery they should have "civilian Oversight " like by that New York Fairy BOB MORAN ?

  2. Plus the audacity they assume that Hasson cant run the Department ?
    like I said its the first time in 20 years we have had a Man in charge of the dept,
    sounds like Bob Moran , Karen Glasgow and the rest of the reprobate miscreants Menino inserted (Without the Power too) these assholes that expedited the decline of the Dept, went crying to the compatriots at the Globe.

  3. remember how the Herald did a story about the "City of Boston's 10 unsung hero's" Ian McKenzie was one of them, for developing new methods to save the City hundreds of thousands of $ by his new methods , I contacted them and asked what the "new Methods" were? they couldn't answer , so I answered for them It's called Insurance Fraud and Federal HIPAA Law violations.

    this is fact Ian took Katie Donovans job , he was a billing clerk , that's it , he didn't even have a First Aid certificate,
    he had no right to look at anyone's Medical Records , only the information needed to process payments for those who were being indemnified for on the Job Injury or Illness .
    yet he was even making decisions on who was Injured , he was having mettings with Hamrock and Personel Karen Glasgow (who should have her law license revoked and imprisoned along with Ian.

    and what did the Union do ? NOTHING!
    P.S. is it true that Ian and Brian O'Donnell were concealing or destroying Exposure Papers? ( I know Michael Doherty removed an Injury Paper from my file.)
    the Law is explicit Tampering with Medical records and violating HIPAA for Malicious Purposes or Personal gain is a Mandatory 10 year Prison term and Federal offense.

  4. Bob Moran, remember the Orders "Welcome Aboard Bob" ? what Bob was is a City Hall snitch most City Departments have a Bob Moran there exist to keep City Hall informed and suppress dissent from the civilian's, but somehow Bob acquired the authority and purview over the Uniformed Members (the Fireman) again Menino didn't have the power to do this , but nobody stopped them.
    what did the Union do NOTHING!

    here is an example of what the Union did, Firefighter Jimmy Kenny's Doctors secretary sent the wrong bill to headquarters , Ian accuses him of attempted fraud,
    Jimmy's Doctor contacted the Department and explained his Patients dont do the billing that it was an error by his Secretary, then asked them did they pay it? they said no, so His Doctor asked what the problem was , they had no explanation.

    Ian complained he didn't like Jimmy's attitude when he accused Jimmy of lying,
    so personnel put him on charges and wanted to suspend him without pay for two months.
    you know what the Union Did for Jimmy (other than take credit for the Hockey Team that Jimmy organized) they said "If they offer you a Month with no pay , TAKE IT ITS A GOOD DEAL!"
    the notion that even an FFOP would have to answer to Bob or Ian or the rest of these City Hall pukes is so offensive .