Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Former Boston Fire Captain Points Out Racism, Cronyism and Corruption; Explains the Needless Deaths of Two Men in 2014 Back Bay fire.

July 11 2015:  Mr. Berlo reports that some positive comments about me as a journalist were removed from this YouTube video, along with comments in which he further detailed the rampant cronyism, fecklessness and general corruption between BFD, City Hall and the Police. Those comments are going to appear again soon in this space and in the video comments.  Further, I am alerting Google/YouTube about this matter so that they will be on the lookout for people reporting the comment as "spam" to get it removed. While I'm at it I'll be double-checking for IP addresses to figure it out.

You can run but you can't hide anymore guys. The Truth is here.


Michael Collins or someone from the Retirement Board at 617-635-2624 called Mr. Berlo on June 17 2015 after Mr. Berlo told part of his story on WRKO. He did not speak. He did not leave a message. Mr. Berlo states: 
I was told on the Telephone March 26 2014 the exact time these two were dying in the Back Bay Fire that My Personnel & Medical Records disappeared and District Chief Brian O’Donnell was the last one who signed out for them. by destroying My medical Records it prevents Me from getting a Disability or any protections if I develop a life threatening disability.
City Hall must do something about this.

Negligent welders caused the fire, but the deaths were caused by poor training and response. Last month's Boston Globe reported that Prosecutors did not find criminal involvement.  However, that does not end the inquiry because veteran firefighter James Berlo explains in an upcoming video that the hoses did not have pressurized water because of human error.  Stay tuned for that and more, all of which should be detailed in the upcoming National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) report, due in July.  Mr. Berlo claims that if the report is done properly it will bring to the forefront many of the safety and performance issues that he has been addressing for years, although it will likely not reference the patent racism that was initially detailed here, including the false prosecution of Albert Arroyo, who still to this day has yet to review his pension file.
Beyond that, Berlo cites to other human factors and politics that have resulted in needless deaths over the years, including the use of inferior Viking equipment that was sourced because of insider connections and cronyism.  Boston is not good to its non-legacy and minority firefighters.

Hither the Union, Local 718: Bought and Sold," he chortles. They haven't prosecuted a grievance in 16 years.... and they even went so far as to block me from their Facebook even, and the city is using a dirty prosecutor who is friends with Sheila Lahey to harass my family and me.  That Lahey, she's a total racist, she said she was gonna' get rid of all the n_____ around here."
Breaking News: Fox25 reports that the entire tragedy falls back on the city for failure to monitor fire escapes. But for the failure to monitor these, the company that was there to do the repairs would not have been there.  Keep watching because there's more to come.

This YouTube comment was removed, most likely after corrupt people with something to hide reported it as spam. We have a lot more documentation about who is watching this page, who is watching the videos and what happens to Mr. Berlo during the time periods in which people are watching. 


This comment will be posted on the main page so reporting it as spam will not work this time.

First , there should not be ‘Public Unions’ I have never heard of a “Union”? like Boston Firefighters local 718,  how is it permitted or tolerated that you have not only  Management  (Company Officers) but Executive (Chiefs) in the same Union?
Its not possible , it defies logic, it cant function , Especially when the Police & Fire departments have these in House Tribunal Systems where the District & Deputy level are immune from Disciplinary action ,yet they can impose Charges and take away somebody's Pay , while they are the one’s who impose Charges, are the Prosecutor, the Judges, the Jury and decide the Penalty , not only that but they are who you Appeal to ?  Sounds like a captive Audience ? these are Union Brothers?

And when you look at the disparity of outcomes, and when one considers the Competence & Character of those conducting these charades,  it really is like giving Pedophiles the run of a Day Care. 

So a dozen Deputies can overrule say, 1,200 Firefighters alone? by intimidation or retaliation.  (No conflict here ay?)

Local 718 uses this Pathetic Slogan “Respect for Firefighters”  that means More Money for less Performance , Status Quo and Mediocrity.

The Culture of the Department & the Union certainly does not “Respect Firefighters” , Firefighters & Company Officers (but especially Firefighters ) do the most varied , arduous and demanding Tasks, in fact nearly everything the Department does is done at the Company level , many times without the participation  and these days even in spite of the Chief Officers level , Some instances they would be better off with a Mannequin in the Chief Car, this is the contemporary B.F.D.​ ? Read the N.I.O.S.H. Reports.

But this is what a corrupt Administration in conjunction with a corrupt Union can do to a Renown & Iconic Big City Fire dept,  ( no longer the BFD I heard of and read about )

It is also my understanding that this Union does not represent the majority of the Department , only the select few and higher ranking enjoy better treatment to keep the rest inline.

Also the Union was not regarded as relevant to most , more of a Social Club and an Agent to negotiate a Contract which wasn't necessary because the Citizenry was pretty decent and always gave a Cost of Living,  (that's all you are entitled to)

How was this Department subdued? When the prior Administration came into power the Handwriting was on the Wall ,(the same story from the few willing to speak)  Leo D. Stapleton was replaced with progressively bad Commissioners , the Commissioner position (political) trumped the Chief of Department ( no independence , relegated subordinate)  then take over the Union , which was relatively easy when you have no competent & strong Leadership to keep the various competing Cliques vying for dominance in line , they run amuck and something easily exploited especially with the kind of Money ready for the taking!

As Leo Stapleton said in His Book “there really are all kinds on the dept,”  Not all are of the Integrity or Character one associates with the B.F.D.
So a half dozen Miscreants who could not defeat the standing Union President ( Neil Santangelo) in a legitimate contest,get him removed for buying Tires for his Car with the Union Credit Card, this was an Ethical Crisis? when you consider the abuses this ‘New Union’ has committed the past 16 years.

I recently read a decision where a Union Truck Driver in the Commonwealth who settled a dispute for $50,000 was awarded half a Million because his Union “Failed to Represent” .
The stories I have been told on what local 718 has done , is not only “Failing to Represent” but Actively Working against Union Members ,  Openly , I have never heard of this.

In 16 years none of those interviewed ever heard of a Grievance even taken to conclusion never mind won.

And like Captain Berlo and one other were told after they went through each step of the process , that after their new secret closed Door Meetings, they pull out this alleged rule “that it would be a financial hardship on the Union to pursue it”  So if your Grievance is legitimate and cannot possibly lose , but it is against the City or somebody Politically Precious or a Chief , they will spend more Money getting Legal advice on how to avoid representing you ?  ( I get it ! )

Boston Firefighters Local 718 has taken in over $20 Million in the past 16 years , where has this Money gone ? they Own their Union Hall which is Booked a year in advance, they also Own a Restaurant ? yet they can even give advice or guidance , It would be a Hardship on the Union.  (why have a Union?)

Why because it has a lot of MONEY!  and is generously given (without the Dues Paying Members Knowledge) to certain Politicians ( who have disdain for Fireman) and Public Officials to benefit those in the select Clique’s , their families and their Friends . Their Books need to be looked at , And don't be surprised if you find Embezzlement , Money Laundering , Influence peddling and simple Pocketing of Money.

Several years ago the Union lost $2 Million without an explanation , then with another obscure ‘Rule’ extracted it from the Members Pay without their consent or knowledge, how did they get from Payroll without Signatures? Am I missing something?
This Union was in Bed with the Prior Administration (more like in the Pocket) and the current President was the intermediary for the criminal thug Menino . And you have some of these Retiree's still running it . 

They stood idly by when Cahill & Paynes Character were assassinated in Death and feigned outrage , said nothing about the N.I.O.S.H. Report  and nothing on the N.I.O.S.H. Report on the Lieutenant Kelly Death.